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Jan. 2021

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The In-House Lab Effect: How Developing a Digital Workflow Changed my Practice was created for and delivered to 400+ doctors at Neodent's annual symposium, held at The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN (2021).







Description: Is building an in-house lab and moving your practice into the digital age going to magically solve all of your problems, or just cause more headaches? Join Dr. Peyray, a leader in full-mouth implant restorations and founder of the #FullArchFriday trend, as he chronicles his own journey of creating an in-house lab, discusses converting his practice to a fully digital workflow, and gives away some of his new workflow secrets. Spoiler: his practice has become more efficient and successful as a result, but it didn’t come without heartache.


Dr. Peyray will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of his journey including:


  • The feasibility of building an in-house lab

  • Who an in-house lab is for

  • Return on Investment of an in-house lab

  • The Digital Workflows that his team has created along the way in order to make his office more efficient.


Learning Objectives:


Upon completion of Dr. Peyray’s presentation, attendees will:


  • Have learned pro’s and con’s of building an in-house lab

  • Know the estimated timeline of a return on investment

  • Understand the proper thought process that should go into creating a lab

  • Know what to look for when hiring a lab technician

  • Have an inside look at the digital workflow that works for Dr. Peyray’s own full-arch immediate load cases

Free Webinars

Analog vs. Digital:

An approach to case planning, presentation, acceptance and execution of Full Mouth reconstructions

Part of the Henry Schein Dental Webinar Series
This FREE one-hour webinar dives into my journey towards owning and operating an in-house lab (Peyray 3D Studio), the differences between the analog and digital routes, and dives into a case study where I analyze both workflows.
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Virtual to Reality:

How I Use Photography & Smile Design to Deliver Full Mouth Restorations

Part of the Henry Schein Dental Webinar Series
This webinar - a continuation of the Henry Schein Analog vs. Digital series - reviews how high-quality photographs and digital smile design are cornerstones in my full arch digital workflow. 
Learn what camera equipment and settings I use, the basic photos I look for, and how I use photographs to create predictable prosthesis for my full-arch patients.

Getting Started with

Dental Photography

Moving Beyond the Point-and-Shoot camera
My first webinar. This FREE one-hour webinar answers some common questions about photography, content creation and social media that I've used to help organically grow my Instagram following to over 18,000 loyal followers.