Not your traditional educator

If you're not following @drpeyray on Instagram, you're missing out. Some doctors don't believe in sharing all of their secrets without getting paid - Dr. Peyray is a bit more transparent than that. Check out his Instagram stories for daily nuggets of information (as well as hair styling tips, his latest QVC find, and mouth-watering videos of Persian food.)

While Dr. Peyray's main educational medium is through Instagram stories, he also brings doctors from around the country to his own practice in Nashville, TN and takes to the road for speaking engagements.


Dr. Peyray's Ultimate All-on-X courses in Nashville have seen tremendous success - each having sold out within hours of going on sale. The intimate atmosphere allows Dr. Peyray to personalize the course to each of the doctors' interests and teach them in a more one-on-one fashion. 

Coming to Nashville for another reason? Shoot Dr. Peyray a message on Instagram to set up a tour of the office and see what it's all about. 

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