Meet Dr. Peyray

Dr. Peyman "PeyRay" Raissi is a dentist from the USA specialized in oral implantology and full-arch reconstructions. He obtained his doctorate from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry. In addition, he studied at the Middle Tennessee State University and completed the New York University Stony Brook Implant Residency Program. Today, he works as the sole private practitioner in Nashville, Tennessee, where he leads his dental practice "My New Smile."

In 2019, Dr. Peyray, deciding to bring everything under one roof, built his own in-house digitally-driven lab (Peyray 3D Studio) using cutting edge technologies and the Zirkonzahn designing and milling system. While there was a learning curve, Dr. Peyray and his lab team have conquered the digital workflow and strive to teach and empower other dentists to follow in their footsteps.

Dr. Peyray is a coveted speaker, podcaster, photographer, educator and a founding member of the mold-breaking dentistry conference Dental Influencer Alliance (DIA). 

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Millennial Dentist Podcast

"Work Smarter, Not Harder"

Dr. Peyray and fellow Nashville dentist, Dr. Sully Sullivan, decided one day to get together, have a few beers and record a podcast, not knowing a direction or who would even listen. Almost 100 episodes later, the two have interviewed some of the biggest names in dentistry and amassed thousands of subscribers. Topics of the podcast range from owning a practice, to digital workflow and everywhere in between - the Millennial Dentist way. 


Dental Influencers Alliance


Dr. Peyray and four of his friends came together with the idea of connecting all of their Instagram peers in one place - thus, the Dental Influencers Alliance (DIA) conference was born in 2018. The first annual conference was held in Los Angeles, California in December 2018 and was attended by more than 300 people who fell in love with the conference - raving that it had "broken the mold" of traditional dental conferences. The success paved the way for DIA 2.0, which garnered more than 500 attendees. The trend hopes to continue in 2021.

DIA is a community built around one premise: everyone is an influencer. DIA focuses on advancing our hyperconnected dental organization made up of dental clinicians, students, researchers, laboratory technicians, hygienists, team members, and companies from around the world, all of whom have connected through social media.


The goal is to reconnect everyone, in-person, with the aim of learning, networking, and most importantly, having FUN.

Dr. Peyray is an active member of :

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One-on-One Mentorship

Dr. Peyray has been using Instagram and other social media platforms over the years to share his knowledge, answer followers' questions, and learn something in return. He has become somewhat of a mentor in that sense.

But if you are looking for a more specialized training for yourself and your team, fill out a contact form below for more information on how a private, one-on-one mentorship can be setup for you and your office. 


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