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We don't live in the same world that we used to live in.


We live and practice in an exciting time of dentistry with new technologies and better materials emerging almost daily. In a challenging time where our patients are more educated and exposed to information than ever before. And let's face it - in a trying time where we all are more economically conscious than we have been in more than a decade.


If your practice isn't keeping up with the rapidly changing world, you risk being left behind.

In this time of economic uncertainty - you can either get caught in the storm and suffer, or you can use this time to innovate, create and master your skill set to propel yourself into a successful future on the other side.

The unique-to-your-needs and fully customizable ULTIMATE ALL-ON-X MENTORSHIP will give you the knowledge and resources you and your team need to grab the bull by the horns. You'll have the ability to choose one (or all!) of the areas that you would like to focus on during your time with Dr. Peyray and his team:

  • All-on-X + Digital Workflow Training (Doctor + Assistant + Technician)

  • Lab Technician's Full Arch Design + MIYO Training (Doctor + Technician(s))

  • Front Office Training (Doctor + Staff Member(s)) 

Dr. Peyray and his team have suffered in and overcome the steep learning curve associated with building a successful Under One Roof + All-on-X focused practice. Save the headache and the time by allowing them to help you begin your journey on the right foot. 


This is an opportunity for those who are serious about creating efficiency within their office. Those who see technology as a tool - not as a burden. Those who are more passionate about helping the person in the chair regain their perfect smile in the least amount of time possible. 

It's for the dentist who has been thinking about going digital, but doesn't know where to start or doesn't have the time to. It's for that same dentist who wants to bypass the trial-and-error stage and get right to the good stuff.

...oh yeah, and it's for those who meet the following criteria:

  • Have placed a minimum of 50 implants

  • Have a working knowledge of the full arch procedure and protocols

  • Extensive experience placing implants (full arch experience preferred)

  • Knowledge and basic understanding of digital workflows and lab processes

  • Currently using an in-house lab protocol or interested in learning more


Ever heard the saying about owning a boat? It goes like this: "The two best days of a boat owner's life are the day they buy it and the day they sell it." This almost became true for Dr. Peyray's in-house lab experience.

Unimpressed with the shoddy work that he was receiving from labs, Dr. Peyray decided to build his own in-house lab in June 2019.  He quickly found out that the journey was going to be harder and more expensive than he expected.


Things ran decently for a while. But as time would tell, complications began to emerge. Crowns wouldn't fit. The colors were off. Burs were breaking. The software was glitching. Etc. Etc...

For the next year, he battled adversity as he began to rapidly consider selling the lab to just get rid of the issues. 

In March 2020, when COVID-19 forced his office to shut down for several weeks, he had an epiphany: sink or swim. He took the lab into his own hands, learned the ins and outs, and slowly began to bring the issues to light. By using his network of 20,000+ dental professionals on Instagram, he was able to connect with minds from around the world and find solutions. He worked together with the team to create workflows and protocols to create an efficient ecosystem within the office.

In September 2020 - just six months after the shutdown began - he delivered his first immediately loaded same-day smile using a fully digital workflow. 

Dr. Peyray and his team spent years and countless dollars creating a tried-and-true workflow. Why not tap into their first-hand expertise?


Dr. Jacob | South Carolina

Developing the systems that they have here took a lot of time and a lot of work, and we get to walk away from this course without having to do all of that work.


Dr. Patel | Missouri

We had basic training and we've been playing around with a lot of [this digital equipment] in our office, but coming here has really helped us tie it all together so we can go back and just take off.


Dr. Boone | Mississippi

If you haven't bought all of your equipment, this is a great course to come to because it's going to save you tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if you've already bought it, it will certainly help you no matter what system you have.

Mentorship Fee starting at: $2,500/day

Not due until approved for mentorship

*financing available!

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Requirements for application

  • Have placed a minimum of 50 implants

  • Working knowledge of the Full Arch procedures and protocols

  • Extensive experience placing implants (Full Arch experience preferred)

  • Knowledge and basic understanding of digital workflows and lab processes

  • Currently using an in-house lab protocol or interested in learning more

What's included in the mentorship?

  • At least 2 Days of Private In-Practice Mentorship 

  • Live Surgery

  • Guidebook including tips on managing complications

  • Invaluable documents and materials that have taken years to perfect

  • Personal recommendations and introductions to some of digital dentistry's biggest players

  • Hotel included

  • Lunches and One Group Dinner included

What technology will we use?

  • 3Shape's Trios - Intraoral Scanner

  • PiC Dental's - Photogrammetry Scanner

  • Zirkonzahn Lab Equipment

  • Sprintray pro 55 - 3D Printer

  • Asiga Max UV - 3D Printer

  • InstaRisa - 3D Facial Scanner

  • Nikon D810 - DSLR Camera

Next Steps:

Application is an easy two-step process. Remember, this is an exclusive opportunity for just a few teams that are a good fit for the program!

After you complete the application form below, your name will be added to the list. You will be contacted as details emerge about the next mentorship opportunity.

In the application form, please be sure you meet the above criteria and include a detailed description of where you are in your professional career and any goals that you may have.

Again, you will not be charged until you are approved as a VIP.

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